Emergency Preparedness Volunteering

The Emergency Preparedness program coordinates planning and program development through local, state and federal offices to protect the health and safety of the citizens and visitors in the Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department service area.

The Emergency Response Coordinator works with many community groups such as police, fire and rescue, emergency managers, elected officials, and schools to protect the health of our citizens. We work together to prepare and carry out disaster plans to protect our service area and to test those plans through simulated drills.

Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department is always accepting volunteers to help us in protecting our communities. There are no special skills to be a volunteer and the only requirement is to want to help out your fellow neighbors/citizens if a disaster strikes. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about volunteering, please call the Emergency Response Coordinator at 402-529-2233 or 

One of the best ways for a community to be ready for an emergency is to encourage all citizens to be prepared. Being prepared assures you and your family’s safety in the event of a public health emergency. For information on emergency preparedness kits and plans, visit

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