Lead Poisoning Prevention

Did you know that most cases of lead poisoning in Nebraska’s children is due to lead exposure from inside and around a house? At Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department, we work with the State of Nebraska’s Lead Control Program, area health care providers and families to provide education regarding the recommendations to follow if a child has a high blood lead level (greater than or equal to 5μg/dL). If a child does have a high blood lead level, there are steps that can be taken to reduce that level including:

  • Reducing and/or eliminating a child’s exposure to lead in and around the home through environmental modification
  • Visiting a health care provider regularly and on schedule for re-testing to determine if the blood lead level is decreasing
  • Nutritional recommendations which help to reduce the amount of lead absorbed by the body

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has lead educational resources for Parents/Homeowners, Health Care Professionals and Contractors at their webpage:


Blood Lead Level Data in Nebraska (released October 2022):


Updated 10/2022

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