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Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs by ELVPHD

Reducing obesity rates in our district is one of our top priorities. Data shows that 39.4% of ELVPHD service area residents are obese and this has traditionally been higher than the national average. In addition to healthy weight statistics, 71% of our residents also reported eating less than the recommended servings of fruit, 11.5% reported eating no vegetables on an average day and 72% did not exercise for at least 20-30 minutes more than 3 times per week.

Scale Down Weight Loss Program: ELVPHD offers the Scale Down Weight Loss Program twice per year in our district. We alternate this program between being an In-Person class and an Online-based class. Our Scale Down Weight Loss Program is based around the CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum. This class concentrates on making lifelong healthy changes that are realistic and sustainabile. Over 150 people have participated in our program since we began it in 2015! Please see below for details on our next upcoming class:


Health Coaching: We offer 3 session health coaching to help women who are aged 40-64 get on track with their health goals. This program is free and includes a bloodwork measurement and in-person or electronic sessions with one of our health coaches. 

We are here to help you achieve individuals achieve a healthy weight! In addition to the two individual programs noted above, we also work with businesses in our district to provide health coaching worksite wellness sessions in a group format (often over the lunch hour or before/after work on site at the business).  

Updated 11/2022

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