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COVID-19 updates in Madison County

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department has been investigating two confirmed COVID-19 cases
in Madison County. The first is a woman in her 70s with multiple underlying health conditions, the
second is a woman in her 80s with multiple underlying health conditions. The health condition of both
made them each unable to be interviewed directly. With health record information, it is not believed that
these two cases are connected. The one individual was highly unlikely to have had any community
contacts, however, there were two healthcare facility exposures with the other individual. The two
facilities have been notified.
As cases continue to rise, the most important public message is that exposures are possible anywhere you
go. Some suspected and probable cases are unable to provide reliable information due to various reasons.
Each person should assume the personal responsibility for protecting him or herself from exposure by
social distancing and staying home. For this reason, the governor placed the ELVPHD district under
Directed Health Measures on Sunday, March 29th. These directives will be in place at least through May
6th, unless otherwise extended.
From this point forward, testing updates and results will be posted periodically by our department, but
specifics on each case, unless there is a large-scale exposure in a high-risk setting, will not be publicized.
However, Nebraska DHHS does, at this time, provide an age, gender and county for each confirmed case.
As cases continue to rise, this ongoing public notice is not guaranteed.

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