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HCI Awarded Region 4 Behavioral Health System Grant

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI), an alcohol and drug abuse prevention group that serves the counties of Burt, Cuming, Madison and Stanton in Nebraska, was awarded a Region 4 Behavioral Health System grant for 2014-2015.

The focus of the new grant will be these programs: 

·         Above the Influence, will be implemented at Stanton High School.  This is a community-based program for teens that focuses on leadership skills, standing up to harmful influences, and being told about the dangers and risks tied to alcohol and drugs. 

·         WhyTry, LifeSkills, and 8 to Great are programs that add to inner strengths and resilience, build leadership skills, teach methods to stand up to harmful influences, point out the harmful impacts and risks tied to alcohol and drug use, and stop youth from taking part in high risk behaviors.  All are taught in the classroom at varied age levels in the school setting. 

·         Coalition building among Hispanics through the Minority Health Educator in Cuming, Madison and Stanton Counties.

Last year’s Region 4 grant supplied funding to NECC to sponsor Wendi Fox, a comedian who uses humor to talk about personal growth, dangers of alcohol, social respect and responsibility.  A pre/post test was given and there was a major gain in knowledge learned from the program.  Such as, “If you have a friend who is drunk to the point of passing out, then the best thing is to get them to bed so they can sleep it off”.  Those that answered True in the pretest (46%) vs. those answering True in the posttest (14%); and those that answered False in the pretest (54%) vs. those answering False in the posttest (86%).  Students learned that it is vital to stay with the person that has been drinking to the point of passing out in case they start to show signs of alcohol poisoning which could lead to death. 

For more information about the programs or to get involved with Healthy Communities Initiative, please call Kathy Becker, HCI Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator at 402-529-2233.

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